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3D Prints by Meissenation was started by Brian Meissen in 2017 after purchasing a Monoprice Maker Select printer off Amazon. It started out being odd jobs until the fidget spinner craze hit in the spring of 2017. 3D Prints by Meissenation took off as being one of the main fidget spinner suppliers for northern Macomb county. Overwhelmed by demand, Brian purchased a second printer – the Crealty CR-10. With a 150% increase in bed size, 3D Prints by Meissenation was able to churn out fidget spinners faster than ever.

As the fidget spinner craze died down – schools banned them, gas stations had them – 3D Prints by Meissenation continued on making knick-knacks and figurines. We also expanded into printing prototype parts for mock-up purposes.

“If you have a 3D file, I can print it.”